Nancy Soni

 Dr. Ekta has been a blessing to us for bringing our little one into this world. Despite her very busy schedule, she had been extremely supportive and thorough in her guidance. I wanted a normal delivery and she told us ways and means to help achieve that.In the end, a C-section had to be done because of some complication but the stitch line is as thin as paper! It’s just been a month and the line has almost vanished 🙂


Nancy, U r d first to write something about d stitch line❤.
I remember ur amazing words in d clinic about d surgical scar. Probably ur words r – “Ma’am my stitch line is as u draw a very thin line on me as an artist; n its too is vanishing”.
In my childhood my dream was too be a fine artist, but destiny made me a surgeon. So every time when I do my surgery I thank God for giving me best canvass possible in form of my lovly patient n try to do best possible surgery.😊
Thanks my darling for appreciating,
God bless 😌

I don’t know where to start. All I could say that I was lucky enough to get introduced to Dr Ekta when we first enquired about the Cloudnine Hospital. The Start: Right from the starting of my pregnancy, she was amazingly supportive and guided at each step to deal with during the 9 months. The Journey: During the third trimester she encouraged us for normal delivery. I was so afraid of pains but her guidance and encouragement helped me prepare. For any urgent matters, she was just a call away. The delivery: I got admitted to hospital at the completion of 40 weeks but there were no signs of active labour, just initial contractions. Some meds were given to induce pain but it didn’t help much. I was then in favour of a C Section because of my fear of pain, but she insisted that there is no point to directly go for a C Section unless required. 2nd day in the hospital and the pains started. My husband was worried that if the active labour will be during midnight, will she be able to reach the hospital on time, how will things go and blah blah. She made sure to keep in touch with the hospital staff, my husband to learn about my labour development every 2-3 hours.My active labour started at 7 pm and was good 6 hours and she was there well before she was required, so supportive throughout the labour. I was in deep pain but was not worried knowing she will handle everything.We were blessed with a baby boy at 1.13 am. She made sure to enquire about my and baby’s well being till the next 3 days.Dr Ekta- I don’t have such great words to thank you enough. Please accept gratitude from my entire family. You are the best..!!Thanks a lot,Kriti S Gupta


Kriti, my dear,
Today is Teej, traditional Fast of eastern UP, where we don’t take even water for more than 24 to 30 hrs.
Yeah I m fasting, doesn’t matter I m a gynac.
Its a lovly family ceremony. N its proven dat fasts r scientifically beneficial for health too.
Its afternoon n probably I was feeling a little low😅. But just now after reading ur magnificent words I found myself full of vitality.
So u made my day 😇
Again love u dear
God bless😊

Seema n Vaibhav

Out of 365 days of a year a date 16th Apr became THE most important in my life. 16 th Apr 2019 at 6:19 am was the day when I was blessed with a baby boy. And for this the credit goes to Dr Ekta Singh, who is my hubby’s 10 yrs elder real sister, yes its d truth.
You know we reside in Rajasthan. Inspite of d overheard words that one should never take treatment under the doctor from their own family I and my hubby felt that no one else better we know than our own Sister Dr Ekta. So I visited her from Rajasthan as a patient when we planned to conceive. Then I got my pregnancy and I followed all her advices.
According to her advice we reached Noida on 12th April at 37 wks. She examined me n declared that I might have baby birth in just couple of days. She instructed my hubby not to go back to Rajasthan. But he had to go back because of his job reasons.
Hat off to her clinical acumen I started labor pain on 15th morning. Neither my hubby nor my mother inlaw was there with me as no body expected this much early delivery.
We informed them n got admitted in Cloud nine hospital. When my son was born my husband was still in train and my mother inlaw reached just 10 min prior of my baby birth. Since childhood I believe that God is always there for you when you are in need. On 15th night I felt that God is there as a calm sweet and smiling person standing beside me in form of Dr Ekta.
Believe me friends I havent talked to my husband as he was in train, I don’t want to bother him and also mobile phone was not reachable. I just prayed to God , hold Dr Ekta hand and went to the labour room and by morning 6:19 I heard the Best CRY of my life.
I have undergone natural delivery inspite of cord aroud my baby’s neck. After delivery I started bleeding a little more but due to God’s grace and effort of Dr Ekta’s Cloud nine hospital team all managed well.
Besides my own sister she is a fabulous person , smart and cute looking doctor, a human being with a pure heart.❤
And Di again thank you for everything you did. You will always be my gynaecologist for any number of children I am going to have. And when ever we will celebrate 16th Apr… the night will come in front of my eyes and I will thank God to have you as my doc.


Dr Ekta turn out to be the blessings of God for my pregnancy. She is perfectly well in her professional area and very calm in treating her patients. She never gave any negative remark and kept us motivated through out the pregnancy. My initial weight was 94 kg which was reached to 105 kg at the end, still she motivated me for normal delivery. She prescribes very few medicines and tests and always pay concerns on the affordability of the Patients.On the Day of Admission to hospital, she was regularly in personal touch with me and my husband and always inquired about me by calling us. Despite of induced pains, no hope was there for normal delivery because of few issues like baby’s big head, cord around neck, my heavy weight and other medical issues. All the duty doctors were not ready to take call for normal delivery. They informed her for C sec and prepared the labor room accordingly. We got scared and My husband called her and She came in the early morning at around 3:30 am. Again she motivated us and replied positively. I remember how She started the Om chanting in her phone. 😍😍 She then again proceeded for the normal delivery and after 36 hours of labor pains I blessed with a baby boy. Thank you so much Mam. You are so generous to us. Thank you is a very small word for the respect which we have in our hearts for you. with loveShivpriya, Shashi Ranjan and my lil one Shreshth


Love u Shivpriya
U know, You n birth of your little champ taught me a very special lesson.
The lesson is, sometimes circumstances may seem a little bit unfavourable, but if you observe things systematically with good intention n work accordingly den miracle happens.
I never like difficult vaginal birth, because I believe at any cost baby’s health n intelligence should not be at harm.
In your case initially things were seeming a little difficult but ur baby was going through the delivery process very well, n with God’s grace we delivered Shreshth normally with immediate cry after birth.
N about Aum chanting ❤
Firstly, I believe Almighty presence n guidance is d best for us, n Aum chanting is just symbolic for dat.
Secondly, scientifically is proven now that sounds like Aum has very high level of energy, n I feel our baby should enter the world in best possible environment.
God bless😊

I had itching all over my body including soles and palm around 24 week of pregnancy, which everyone, even my earlier doctor told me, that it was normal and needs no such specific medication. My condition was worsening day by day, so I googled some remedies to relieve the itching and accidentally read about pregnancy cholestasis. It’s was the time when we decided to consult Ekta ma’am. I must say this was the best decision we made. I explained her my symptoms and after diagnosis, she explained that I have IHCP which is very concerning for the unborn baby and me. Even after medicines my bile acid levels didn’t come down, instead my bile acid levels rose to 103 which is considered extremely high and may result in IUD of baby. Ekta ma’am handled my case very carefully and effectively. She had to perform C-section at 32 weeks to save the baby. Before the day of surgery she was continuously monitoring my condition entire night. She was very supportive in each step of my pregnancy. She adore her patients like a mother would definitely recommend everyone.


Surabhi, till now I have never delivered a baby due to cholestasis in pregnancy this early as i had to do in your case.
Your Bile acid was increasing inspite of all the effort. And when your baby’s movement started decreasing then we had to admit you in the hospital to monitor your baby’s heartbeat. And when baby showed distress with abnormal heartbeat then we had to decide for baby birth. It was a timely decision as the fluid around baby has MSL (meconeum stained liquor- baby had passed stool due to discomfort in the womb). We are thankful to God that you and your baby both are fine.
God bless ❤❤❤

 “Vaidhyo Narayanao Harih”- Doctor is god himself/herself, Doctor is next to god.After 2 miscarriages in second trimester, I was of believe that I could not be mother in my life. After a gap of 2 years since last miscarriage, I conceived in an unplanned way. I was pretty much sure to have so many expensive tests and medicines because of my miscarriage history. I searched for gync on Practo and based on reviews, we choose Dr. Ekta Singh.We were literally worried as pandemic was at peak at that time when we first met the doctor (June 2020). She was calm and cool, she understood the problem well and advised to go for cervical cerclage (McDonald’s stitches). She started with minimum medicines and least tests.After the cervical cerclage, I was on complete bed rest and that too with foot end elevator. My doctor was more worried for my baby than me after 29 weeks when ultrasound report showed funnel with gestational diabetes. We were scared for pre mature delivery. That next 6 weeks were too difficult for me. I was put on more strict bed rest with strict diet. She had motivated me and I was filled with positivity and little joy eveytime we consulted her.After 36 weeks, when my stiches were removed, doctor has removed all strictness and asked me to “Jee Le Apni Zindagi” Finally in 38th week, doctor advised me to go for normal delivery. I was admitted in the hospital but I didn’t get courage to go for normal delivery. And against doctor’s wish, I have finally gone with C- Section the next day and I was presented with little bundle of joy from the doctor . This journey was not possible without her guidance and support. She is super women. Despite her busy schedule, she was always approachable and was always there for me. She always say diva to her patient but actual goddess is herself. She guided/scolded like teacher, blessed love like mother, supported like friend in this entire roller coaster journey. She is sometimes strict but always kind, gracious and generous. I strongly recommend Dr. Ekta Singh to each and every pregnant lady especially those living in adjoining areas. My family and friends have started believing in doctor and infact one of my outstation relatives has taken counselling from doctor which has helped her for her future course of action.


Bharti Although every Diva comes to me for consultation is important for me but you are special.
When I met you first time I was really not sure about the final outcome of your pregnancy.
You did almost every thing in your previous pregnancies, but of vain. So I decided to go for Cervical stitches after about 15 yrs.
All was going well till 29th wks, when membrane funneling through womb mouth along with your raised blood sugar made me a little apprehensive. But hat’s off to your efforts towards disciplined lifestyle. Its very easy to ask someone to do things but following it in such a great extent is commendable. How can a person be on bed with foot end elevation with strict diabetic diet during pregnancy for more than a month? But you did.
When you refused for natural birth at the time of admission I became really angry as your womb mouth was already opened, but the very next moment I tried to be at your place, then I realized.
I thank Almighty for almost all the cases when they are in hospital, but for few like yours I thank after every couple of weeks for step to step progress.
I thanks HIM for making me ‘HIS INSTRUMENT’
God bless ❤🧡💛🧡❤

Thanks a lot Ekta mam for making my pregnancy and delivery a happy and stress free one. I will always be thankful to you for your help and support. You truly make us believe that “Doctors are gods”.
I had serious doubt about me delivering normal but with you by my side that was possible.
I STRONGLY recommend Dr. Ekta Singh for any pregnancy related consultation and services for all these reasons (my personal experience below):
1. She is very approachable and friendly which is very much required in your first pregnancy
2. She motivates you to try harder wether it be prenatal exercises, diet or delivery to ensure your and baby’s safety
3. Level of seriousness and sincerity she puts in each patient’s caseShe makes a personal connection with everyone and will make you feel like you are her own family member ,
4. She motivates a lot to go for normal delivery (even a person like me with such less pain tolerance could believe in her and finally did deliver normal)
5. Apart from normal medications and tests she puts lot of emphasis on healthy diet and exercise – and care like a family member which is very rare these days and really important

My personal experience:
It was my first pregnancy and I needed a doctor who could counsel me well apart from normal consultation. and my search paused when I met Dr. Ekta. from day 1 she made me feel very comfortable and encouraged me which made my pregnancy less stressful. I had strong belief in her. Throughout pregnancy she kept me suggesting good diets and exercises. The most precious memory I have is when she told my mom- please help us to make your daughter have a good delivery. She made me feel like her family member and since then I trusted her even more.
Even while delivery the environment was very relaxed and fun. with devotional songs playing in background and her presence and encouraging words. Thanks a lot for all these mam. God bless you and your family.


19 Aug 2019
Just a couple of days back at 2.30am midnight when most people r in deep sleep, one of my patients after delivering her baby normally asked me in her innocent voice, how can u do all dis mam? How can u bear d patients like me vd such a low pain tolerance?
I was speechless at d time with smile on my face.
I always put my efforts for easy normal birth?
Just bcoz it’s best for my baby.
Do you know I was d panelist yesterday in my NOGS CME, and I missed d panel due to your baby decided to come at that time only😊. But while reading your lovly words d pain of missing my panel in d annual conference is start vanishing 🤗.
Love u God bless 😊